Angel SpinSity

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For over a decade, Angel has been a gymnastics, Hip Hop, and breakdance instructor and began competing in pole dancing at age 24. She now has multiple 1st place National Championship titles including Pole Dance America and Pole Sport Organization. She loves quotes and got inspired to compete when reading that “Every Pro was once an Amateur.” In her early stages of training, written on her mirror for over a year was the quote, “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” She still trains with that philosphy and loves the thrill of overcoming obstacles and seeing the same in her students. Especially when it comes to pole, there is nothing more gratifying than landing a skill that once looked like magic.

– Won $500 in a dance battle by twerking in a headstand
– Has 2 National 1st place competition titles for pole dancing
– Can hold a handstand for 30 seconds
– Has been bungee jumping
– Has a not-so-secret love for Channing Tatum