Pole Dance & Fitness Classes for All Skill Levels

We have a ton of different classes, geared towards different levels of pole experience and fitness levels. You’ll find that many of our classes are geared towards a broad range of levels, so you are able to repeat them many times! Pick one that’s right for you, and have a blast!

What Classes do  I take at  SPIN SITY  ???




Have you been to another studio? Beginner to Intermediate students, if you have taken classes for a year plus please contact the studio directly to determine what classes may be the most appropriate for you.

Beginner classes ( students must completed newbie pre reqs) …

Dangerous Transitions

Beginner Pole

Chair Dance 

Beginner Inverts

Sassi Spinner 2

Sassi Spinner 3

Rock- N- Roll


All Level classes…

Stretch Flex

Hula Hoop Fitness

Intro to Hoop Dance

Booty Poppin Pole

More dance less pole…


Risque Hip Hop

Fusion Burlesque

Hotties in Heels

Dance for Fitness / Zumba

100% Fitness…

Ab-Solute Pole

Pole Fit

Pole Burn

Bedroom Cardio (+S)

Lethal Legs

Intermediate Level Tricks:

Pre Req Classes ( students must get approval from staff)

Sexi Spinner

Invert Madness


Open Gym (5 or more classes approved by staff)

Sexy Side:

Floorwork Level 2


The Art of Seduction

Lap Dance

The Exotic Sampler

Sensual Pole

Sexi Stretch



While booking a class, be sure to check if you are signing up for a class that is appropriate for you. By clicking on the class title, you can view the description as well a possible class video links.


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