Pole Dance & Fitness Classes for All Skill Levels

We have a ton of different classes, geared towards different levels of pole experience and fitness levels. You’ll find that many of our classes are geared towards a broad range of levels, so you are able to repeat them many times! Pick one that’s right for you, and have a blast!


What Classes do  I take at  SPIN SITY  ???

Pole Newbies start here….

Pole basics

Intro to Spin Sity

Beginner Pole

Sexi Stiletto (+S)

After you have taken 1-3 classes…

Intro to Inverts

Hips, Grips and Dips

Sassi Spinner

Dangerous Transitions (D.T)

Chair Dance

Pole Hip Hop (*B)

Booty Poppin Pole (*B)

Climbs and Holds


After you have taken 3 or more classes…

The Art of Seduction (*S)

Sensual Pole (*S)

The Exotic Sampler (*S)

Floor Play ( *S)

Wicked Wednesday

Pole Rock

Pole Xtcy

Beginner Inverts (*P)

Lap Dance (*S)

Rock and Roll

Static X

All Levels…

Stretch Flex

Booty Basics

Hula Hoop

P.C Fitness

Video Vixen

Go Go Girl

100% Fitness…

Ab-Solute Pole

Pole Fit

Pole Burn

Bedroom Cardio (+S)

Lethal Legs

Intermediate Level:

Pre Req Classes ( students must get approval from staff)

Sexi Spinner

Invert Madness


Open Gym (5 or more classes)

Flirty Fitness

*S= Must have taken Sensual Pole classes to attend

+S= Can be used towards sensual pre req

*P= Pre Reqs- students must meet before attending

*B= Basic Booty Pre Req



While booking a class, be sure to check if you are signing up for a class that is appropriate for you. Under the mindbody booking site you can simply click on the CLASSES tab > ALL SERVICES CATEGORIES, change that to the category you wish to see


Pole Newbie

Beginner Pole 1
Beginner Pole 2
Beginner Pole 3

Sin Sity



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