We have put together a few F.A.Q.s for all of our pole newbies! They cover general pole dancing questions as well as questions on registering and our studio specifically.

Pole Dancing General F.A.Q.

Q: I think I’m too clumsy/shy/big/etc. to pole dance- should I even try?

A: YES! So many ladies have a hard time initially getting themselves in to take a class, but once they do- they’re hooked. A combination of our fun environment, friendly instructors, and supportive students makes it easy to forget why you had a hard time coming in for the first time. As a bonus, the more you come in, you will find that pole dancing is an excellent way to build confidence, lose weight, and become more graceful while having a great time. It’s a win-win!


Q: I am too shy to attend a group class, what are my options?

A: We understand that trying pole dancing is pretty intimidating at first. If you prefer to start out with a private lesson- or a semi-private lesson where you can bring a friend- you’re more than welcome to! Our private lesson information can be found here. 


Q: Can I bring my boyfriend/children/dog/friend?

A: At no time do we allow any spectators during our classes. You cannot bring anyone with you who is not enrolled in the class. If you’d like to bring a friend, she’s more than welcome to sign up with you! Be sure you both have your own accounts on our booking site!


Q: What should I wear to class? Do I have to bring anything?

A: Please wear shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. Wearing long sleeves or pants will interfere with your skin gripping the pole and can be dangerous. If you are attending a class that involves floorwork, please bring leg warmers to wear. You can bring them from home, or buy them in the studio. Heels are suggested for most all of our classes. Please bring a water bottle and a hand towel as well.


Registration and Booking F.A.Q.

Q:  How do I register for classes?

A: Visit our Pole Newbie General page for a guide on registering for classes. It’s all done online, through our booking site. Once you create your account, it’s very simple and fast to sign up for any classes you’d like, as well as pay for your pricing option.


Q: Do I have to pre-register? Can I drop in?

A: We require every student to pre-register for classes. We only have a certain number of poles, so we can only have a certain number of students 😉 Drop-in’s are not allowed.


Q: What if I have a livingsocial/groupon/yelp deal?

A: The registration process for these deals is similar to our normal process, but there are a few things that need to be done differently. After creating an online account, you will need to contact us. More information on our online deals can be found here.


Q: What if I sign up for a class and get waitlisted?

A: When you sign up to be on a waitlist, it is very much like signing up for a class. By signing up, you are committing yourself to attend the class, and follow all normal cancellation policies. The only difference is you will only be able to take the class if someone cancels, in which case we will notify you by email. You can expect to be notified that you have been added to the class up to 3 hours before the start time. If you are unable to commit to attending the class with short notification, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid late cancellation or no-show fees if you are added same-day, but unable to attend.


Q: Which classes should I start with? What if I’ve already taken pole dancing previously?

A: We leave it mostly up to each student to decide where she’d like to start. Our classes are laid out according to difficulty on our website, with “Just Getting Started” being our very most beginning classes; “Ready For More” being our transitional classes between very, very new to somewhat familiar; “Bring It On” being our classes that you must have a good understanding of pole moves and spins to attend. Our classes also all have levels in their descriptions, which will guide you on what to take at your current pole/fitness level. We also offer more advanced classes under our “Intermediate” and “Specialty” classes, although our specialty classes also include multi-level classes as well. Many of our more advanced classes have pre-reqs. that need to be met before taking them. Those classes will not allow you to sign up unless you are previously approved or have taken the required classes before hand.


Q: I don’t want to “Opt-In” for studio emails from your website. Do I have to?

A: You do have the option of choosing to not receive our emails. If you choose not to, please be aware of the fact that you will NOT receive any appointment confirmations, class cancellation emails, waitlist notifications, important studio updates and other pretty essential information. If you have your account set to not receive emails, please know that it is your responsibility to check the schedule on your own for any changes, class cancellations, waitlist additions, policy updates and any other information that would have been sent in an email.