Living Social, Groupon, Yelp

So you’ve bought an online deal…

How do you use it? Here’s how!

1. Go to our online booking site, and set up an account. We use this site to book all of our classes. You will need to set an account up like you would to sign up for any other classes. Email address, phone, billing info, etc. are all required in the initial set up.

Why do you need my billing information if I’ve already purchased the deal? We need your billing information in case you reserve a space in a class, and then either no-show or late cancel that class. Reservations made using our online deals still need to adhere to our no-show/late cancel policy. You can read it here! Be sure to review our other policies and rules also 🙂

2. After you create your account, you will need to contact us by email at with your name, whichever deal you purchased, and your redemption code. Please forward us your confirmation deal after purchase. This can be done via screenshot, or the confirmation email sent to you by Groupon, Livingsocial or Yelp.

3. We will then add the credits from the deal you purchased onto your account and you can start signing up for classes as soon as you’d like!

I purchased two deals, one for myself and one for my friend. Does she also need to create an account online? YES! Each student needs their own account with their own information in order to sign up for classes. 

4. You need to bring your printout or redemption code with you to your first class at the studio.

5. Go enjoy your classes!!!

Please be sure to read through all of our studio rules and policies before signing up for or attending any classes. All of our policies for our normal classes also apply to classes when paid for by an online deal.

If a Living Social or Groupon expires,

the paid value is only valid to be used towards individual class passes.