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Marina is actually of one the original SSDS instructors. She started teaching back in 2010, and is now currently the Manager at the Concord location….

10658535_185758378468385_3635006272882674287_oDancing has been and always will be an essential part of who I am. When I first saw Coyote Ugly I told my mom I wanted to be one. Dancing on a bar and having fun with girls while serving drinks plus you pay me! It had me sole. Coincidentally enough, my first dancing job was as a Coyote at Coyote Ugly in Austin. I loved it and also fell in love with the pole. When I would go to adult entertainment clubs in college I never saw it as trashy. I saw the art of seduction these women were creating with nothing more than heels, a thong, and their bodies. I started to practice and train and read every book I could find. This lead to me wanting to teach. Spin Sity was my first home for teaching starting 5 years ago. I have so many classes I love. Starting with booty poppin pole, dangerous transitions, wall work, floor work… Basically anything that doesn’t really feel like I’m working out! My favorite classes are always the dance classes because it doesn’t really feel like working out. Spoiler alert… I’m not a big fan of working out! Lol. I teach to things that I feel inspire my mood. If I’m looking to twerking then I like rap or trap music, if I’m looking to be sexy I like R&B, and when I want to be sensual I may pick someone soothing like Adele. I always tell my students any class with me won’t be your traditional class because I’m not that traditional of a girl!885089_185759115134978_5193154027640550932_o