I love Spin Sity because it gave me a lot more confidence in myself and my body. I’ve never really been comfortable with how I look or my weight and struggled with disordered eating in my past, but I’ve not only been able to get more fit, but feel better about myself as a whole person. From the first day I got here, I’ve had incredible instructors who were constant sources of encouragement who helped me get more in tune with my body as a whole. I’ve gotten so much support and feedback from other students, and it has made me feel confident in a way I’ve never experienced. The people at this studio pushed me in ways I didn’t think I could challenge myself. I’ve been able to see myself as not only someone who is more than just my weight, but as a person who is capable of amazing physical feats.

Five facts about me:
1. I love to sing, and I’ll jump at the chance to do karaoke or open mic.
2. I do drag super part time. Like, I cannot be fabulous full time in the way of our fabulous local drag queens, but I will glam up in a minute (3 hours minimum) if it helps support a cause.
3. I have 12 avocado trees growing in my room. Literally. And two bamboo saplings.
4. My dog, Iris, is the reason I can handle my day. She’s the sweetest, most loving being of light I’ve ever encountered, and I would give up rice, bread, and beer
5. I am a sucker for any type of soup, especially if it’s spicy or has noodles.