February 7th was my first class with Spin Sity. Marina was my teacher and honestly, I was more than scared. Marina was so amazing and broke down each move and step perfectly. I loved it instantly. I couldn’t wait for the next class. I found one over a week later and was so mad I had to wait that long. My next class was with Angel and I fell even more in love with pole dancing. Dancing became my escape and outlet. Before I started dancing, I had had a miscarriage and the depression from that was setting in deep. I had a hard time seeing the positive parts of my life. My best friend encouraged us both to attend classes and I am grateful to her for that. Spin Sity has helped me build confidence I haven’t had in years. I feel sexy and healthier. I have made friends that I never would have had contact with before. I feel like I am part of a family and the support system is amazing. It goes beyond just dancing in a class with strangers. Spin Sity is my family away from my family. I look forward to every class and sometimes, that’s the best part of my day.

Five facts about myself:

I am a mother to a 4-year-old little boy, and three dogs.
I am getting married in October to a wonderful man and step dad to my son.
I am a full time student.
I grew up in a single parent household, just me and my mom, and I am the youngest of four.
I have been through so much in my life, that I have been told I should write a book and it would become a best-selling, true to life, drama.