When the engagement with my ex broke , I lost all confidence in myself and that’s why I decided to try a new thing – which was pole dancing. When I found out about Spin Sity, I was so excited to try it out. My first class was back in February & I was really nervous. The reason why I was really nervous , there were certain words about dance that I did not know because my first language is Spanish, but my teachers Jennifer, Marina & Angel, they been helping me a lot and They been really patient with me so that was very helpful for me. Spin Sity brought back my confidence in myself & new friends that I had met & it’s just a wonderful experience being there. I completely recommend this dance studio to others that have are not comfortable with themselves, like if there over weight or to skinny , they can help you bring back your confidence. I’m so happy to be there! I love Spin Sity and I love all my teachers and friends.

Some things I would like you to know about myself

I work full time at a daycare in San Ramon.
I’m a part time student.
I’m only 22 years old, & I just came here from Mexico 2 years ago.
I love dance, I’m a professional dancer, I used to teach Zumba back in Mexico.
I also was part of a team of professional dancers in Mexico, called “Great Dance”.
I love to do Samba and Belly dance.