Studio Behavior and Etiquette

Studio Behavior and Etiquette

Please respect your fellow students and instructor and leave phone calls and texting to a time when you are not in class.

You should not wear lotion or body oil the day of your class. This will make it very hard to grip during your class, and will make it very difficult for the instructor to clean off the pole for the next class.

Please do not try any moves that you are not specifically instructed to perform. Some of our multi-level classes may have more advanced students in them, who will be working on more difficult moves.

There are no “spectators” allowed in the studio during classes. No one other than the student taking the class should be in the studio at the time of the class.

You must have an instructor, and NOT another student, help you with new pole moves that you are trying or learning. Proper technique helps you avoid injury and “getting” a move and doing it properly are two different things.

Our poles have a weight limit of 250lbs. For your own safety, please do not attend our pole-based classes if you are over the weight limit.

Please do not attempt to instruct another student on how to do any pole moves or spins. Pole moves are taught in a specific way to ensure that they are done safely and that they do not have a high risk of injury.